stay lifted & fly high aye the names lindsey. Sagittarius. Im kind of an ass. i like anything that has a certain meaning to it. if you have a question just ask it
Not taking credit for any pics unless I actually took them :)

I miss you so much it hurts everyday knowing your there and I’m here… Please come be mine again..




He tries so hard no to say, “A big black cock.” Only 15 seconds. Worth the watch.

why does this have so few notes?

omg i came for the big black cock and got a lot more than i expected


this picture deserves endless notes

Let me just vent about how fucking retarded I think you are. 1 no one owes you shit I pay what I’m supposed to so get the fuck over yourself. 2 I’m not doing YOUR dishes when we clearly wash the ones we do use. Fuck yourself of that’s what you think needs to happen 3 keep track of my hrs all you want doesn’t mean your getting anything more than what I should be paying you 4 maybe of you raised your son correctly instead of pawning him off on someone else he’d act right 5 your a lazy person not everyone else we all get up and work while you do what!? Sit here and eat all day do your own dishes 6 your a nag fix that before I blow the fuck up on you 7 my shit is my shit let me worry about it it’s not your responsibility it’s mine I’m an adult keep your nose on your own shit thanks 8 just shut the fuck up already no one gives two fucks…

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