stay lifted & fly high aye the names lindsey. Sagittarius. Im kind of an ass. i like anything that has a certain meaning to it. if you have a question just ask it
Not taking credit for any pics unless I actually took them :)


"I’m A Sagittarius!"…. Words from a Sagittarius.

When someone makes eye contact with you a lot, it’s a sign that they want you or is comfortable with you. – (via psych-facts)

That explains a lot…


You see this shit right here? This happened earlier, when I ONLY WORE A SHIRT THAT SAID “I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND”. I was grabbing milk and stuff for my mom while she got gas, and everyone glared at me. One man got out of his way to catch me while I was grabbjng milk to say “you nasty little whore”. I scoffed and began to walk off when THE ASSHOLE TRIPPED ME. I FELL INTO THE DAMN AISLE. The old woman who worked there for as long as I can remember only watched as I fell over the aisle. I scraped my leg real bad, cutting it twice and bruising my leg.
Guys, I am only 14. The fact that someone would do that to a small girl, just because of her shirt, is sickening. This isn’t right. And I want to see how many care.
Reblog this is if you think this is a sick, horrible thing that should be stopped.


The many uses of Cannabis!

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